Carina Lopez Lagrotteria

Carina Lopez Lagrotteria


carina-grayscaleDesign Director of the Murillo/Malnati Group, a residential real estate development company based in Washington, DC. Mrs. Lagrotteria is in charge of all aspects of design for single-family dwellings and multi-family projects including conceptual design, space planning, architectural and engineering design, construction documentation and specifications.

Prior to her tenure at the Murillo/Malnati Group, Mrs. Lagrotteria was Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer of Construction Technologies Argentina in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Mrs. Lagrotteria was in charge of all marketing, logistical and management functions of the Buenos Aires affiliate of Group CTI, Inc.

Mrs. Lagrotteria was also previously President of Global Gypsum an Argentine-based architectural and design/build firm specializing in high-end commercial projects as well as historic renovations. Prior to founding Global Gypsum, Carina was Senior Project Manager of Gypsum Argentina S.R.L, where she was responsible for the management of 60 employees and directly responsible for the management of over 100 construction projects including the development of the Fundacion Sokolinsky, a $3.2 M Medical Services Center project, Torre Bouchard project (350,000 square feet) and Torre Consultatio project (500,000 square feet) and other major commercial projects in the new downtown area of Catalinas in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Mrs. Lagrotteria holds Masters Degree in Architecture and Urban Development from Universidad de Belgrano in Buenos Aires. Mrs. Lagrotteria is an International Affiliate Member of the American Institute of Architects. She is also an active member of INCOSE (Institute for Industrialized Construction), SCA (Central Society of Architects), CPAU (Professional Council of Architecture and Urban Development) and was a lecturer for Masters Architectural Programs in several Colleges and Universities in Argentina.